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Our experienced maintenance department are a dedicated and experienced team that has developed the very best contacts and tradespeople at the best possible prices.

We liaise with landlord and tenant on time frames, legal obligations and access arrangements to ensure a smooth as possible resolution to any maintenance issue.

We care about the property and the finish of any work as if it was one of our own and inspect any major works prior to completion and payment of the contractors.

Are you one of our tenants and have a maintenance issue you wish to report? If so please complete the below form, please remember to include the urgency level as this helps us ensure your matter is dealt in the most time effective way. Please consider carefully if the matter really is urgent as incorrectly reported matters will have to be re categorised and this could cause further delay to a resolution.

Gas leaks, water leaks and safety issues are dealt with as a priority urgency level 1 which will receive a response within 24hours where possible. All other maintenance issues will be responded to with within one week of being reported.

* indicates a required field within the form.

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